So this thing is finally online. I am using S3. There are a couple of free options out there, most notably Heroku and Github Pages. S3 will only be free for a year for me, but will probably be very, very cheap for me after that, considering the traffic levels I am anticipating.

In the end though, I chose S3 because I wanted to get a little bit more AWS practice in. I’ve used EC2 instances for a long time, but have never tried to do tricky stuff with S3, so this was a good opportunity to install the command-line tools and poke around in the consoles.

The process was fairly simple, thanks to the high-quality documentation, especially this walkthrough on setting up static sites.

It would have been totally painless if I hadn’t run into a minor problem with using my own domain name. For the Route 53 magic to happen, it turns out that you can’t use arbitrary bucket names: they have to be the same as your domain name. Once I figured this out (I don’t remember seeing it but maybe I skimmed the docs too quickly), everything fell into place.

I started using the whitespace theme, which you can install in about twenty seconds, which seems like a win for the Octopress, static file model.

So now all I have to do is start writing stuff.