So about 50% of the posts here thus far have been about getting this blog going. This one is all about keeping that number up.

Two events have changed things. The most dramatic is the failure of the fan on my old Thinkpad X61. I am trying to figure out what to do still, but I am probably going to move on to a new model rather than trying to keep the old machine running. It has a few other issues and may not be worth reparing. No big deal really…​ except that most of my Octopress stuff was setup there.

The second “event”, so to speak, was discovering the existence of Asciidoc, while trying to build the PDF for Luke Vanderhart and Ryan Neufeld’s Clojure Cookbook. The idea of an improved kind of markdown immediately appealed to me. DocBook and LaTeX outputs seem like worthwhile goals. The purist in me always wants to be using the superior tool.

So, while setting up a new laptop environment on this tiny little notebook that I will be using for the time being, I thought: “let’s get asciidoc set up with Octopress”. There is Jekyll-asciidoc plugin, so away we go.

If you are reading this, then it works. If you aren’t, well, guess what.